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How It Works

HughesNet® is a two-way satellite Internet provider that uses a satellite dish for downloads and uploads to the Internet. It does not use phone lines or cables. The dish that is mounted to your roof communicates with a satellite which sends and receives emails, web pages, files and more over the Internet and then delivers it to your computer in just fractions of a second.

How It Works

Why HughesNet is a Better Choice

  1. HughesNet has been the leader in satellite internet technology for 40 years.
  2. HughesNet is America's top choice for satellite Internet.
  3. HughesNet is faster than dialup and allows downloading of large files in seconds, rather than minutes.
  4. HughesNet doesn't require a phone line.
  5. Supports multiple users on one connection.
  6. Uses Triple DES encryption to ensure sensitive data is secure.